[Dovecot] Case-insensitive "detail" mailboxes?

Darac Marjal mailinglist at darac.org.uk
Fri Jul 26 12:04:22 EEST 2013

On Thu, Jul 25, 2013 at 11:29:56AM -0500, /dev/rob0 wrote:
> We're using sieve with LMTP. We want to have lda_mailbox_autocreate 
> and lmtp_save_to_detail_mailbox. Is there a way to make the "detail" 
> case-insensitive? If so I have not found it yet.
> I suppose we could lowercase the input string for the SQL userdb 
> query, but that's not what is wanted. The idea being that if a user 
> makes a mailbox called "Test" is that user+test at example.com and 
> user+TEST at example.com should both go to that "Test" mailbox. If it 
> was lowercased, a mailbox called "Test" would be ignored and "test" 
> used.
> With autocreate, this could be a problem if mail is delivered to 
> autocreated case-sensitive mailboxes that the user won't see.
> Hmmm, maybe a global sieve script?

I use the following sieve snippet rather than

  if envelope :detail :regex "to" "(.+)" {
      set :upperfirst :lower "detail" "${1}";
	  fileinto :create "Tagged/${detail}";

So, if the detail portion of the TO address exists, set a variable
"detail" to be the first-letter-uppercased version of that portion (test
-> Test, TEST -> Test and so on) and file the message into "Tagged/Test",
creating that if necessary.
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