[Dovecot] dovecot-lda not logging if dovecot runs under daemontools

Jost Krieger Jost.Krieger+dovecot at rub.de
Fri Jul 26 14:11:55 EEST 2013

On Fri Jul 26 12:49:08 2013, Roberto Puzzanghera wrote:

> I have dovecot running under daemontools and I can't see dovecot-lda
> in action when I read the logs.  I've set the logs to /dev/stderr
> because daemontools redirects /dev/stderr to
> /var/log/dovecot/current.
Dovecot-lda runs under qmail, so you'll find the output in qmail's
logs. If you run, say, doveadm manually, the output will be on your

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