[Dovecot] dovecot-lda not logging if dovecot runs under daemontools

Roberto Puzzanghera admin at sagredo.eu
Tue Jul 30 15:40:40 EEST 2013

Thank you, Jost. The lda output is actually logged on qmail-send's log

Roberto Puzzanghera

Il 30.07.2013 12:35 Jost Krieger ha scritto:
> On Fri Jul 26 14:51:30 2013, Roberto Puzzanghera wrote:
>> Hi Jost, thanks for your reply.
>> Il 26.07.2013 13:11 Jost Krieger ha scritto:
>> >Dovecot-lda runs under qmail, so you'll find the output in qmail's
>> >logs. If you run, say, doveadm manually, the output will be on your
>> >terminal.
>> I didn't explain myself very well. The qmail's log
>> /var/log/dovecot/current doesn't show the lda output as expected. I
> That's dovecot's log, not qmail's.
>> see onlythe output of imap and pop3. Anyway, running dovecot
>> manually or as daemon in the normal way (without daemontools) show
>> the lda output in the log.
> You are logging to stderr, in the delivery case that means 
> qmail-local's
> output. This is somewhere in a place like /var/qmal/logs/qmail/current
> and looks similar to
> @4000000051f793e218f78c54 delivery 847552: success:
> lda(xxxxxxxx):_Info:_msgid=<20130730102215.ECB48809E9 at carlos.noc.ruhr-uni-bochum.de>:_saved_mail_to_NOC-Order/did_0+0+1/
> Yours
> Jost Krieger

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