[Dovecot] An unconstructive grumble

Charles Marcus CMarcus at Media-Brokers.com
Mon Jun 3 18:01:54 EEST 2013

Most problems like this can be attributed to trying to follow some 
$Random_HowTo from the internet, rather than reading the dovecot docs 

But yeah, ranting like you just did without providing any details at all 
is totally counter-productive, and is likely to get you flamed - or more 
probably just ignored.

On 2013-06-03 9:23 AM, dd <dukedougal at gmail.com> wrote:
> 5 hours of configuration attempts, error after confusing error, documentation
> with examples that only show extracts of working configurations.  I really
> feel like throwing in the towel with dovecot.
> It should not be this hard and frankly almost impossible to understand and
> configure for such an incedibly simple configuration.
> /home/vmail/domain.name/username/cur
> /home/vmail/domain.name/username/new
> /home/vmail/domain.name/username/tmp
> 3 virtual users.  All I want is a username and password to access my email.
> I have to have hit every error and problem there can be.  No response at all
> from server, unable to find password file, unable to recognise user, invalid
> password.  God it went on and on and on for five or more hours.  For such a
> simple config.
> I know this is a totally unconstructive complaint and I should be taking the
> time to set out a careful explanation of my problem along with errors and
> logfiles but I just can't be bothered.  I've tried so many many
> configurations and options and nothing works. How can it possibly be this
> hard to ghet some emails off the server with simple username/password
> configurations.
> Go ahead and flame me to a crisp.

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