[Dovecot] Error: Threading lost Message ID

Oscar A. Jara oajara at frsf.utn.edu.ar
Wed Jun 5 07:22:05 EEST 2013

Hello everyone,

I have just put in production dovecot imap and pop3 in replacement of 
courier in a setup of 700 accounts aprox. Dovecot release running is 
1.2.16 in a Linux CentOS 5.8.

Seems like some accounts are having problems dealing with message 
threading, as I read lines like this one in my logs:

IMAP(some_user): Error: Threading lost Message ID

...and some of those accounts cannot even list the emails. I 
temporarily got rid of this problem deactivating threading on those 
accounts but I would like to solve it.

I found a patch that seams to deal with this problem at 
http://hg.dovecot.org/dovecot-1.2/rev/76023d59c3b2 but it would be weird 
that CentOS wouldn't have release a patched version of the package.

Am I missing something here? Thanks in advance!

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