[Dovecot] partionning users among backends

Urban Loesch bind at enas.net
Wed Jun 5 19:07:08 EEST 2013


> Partitionning users on multiple backends would address my load problem.
> I would have 50% of users on mail1.example.net and 50% on mail2.example.net,
> but I need to correctly redirect users requests, as their mail user agents
> only know about mail.example.net.
> Is dovecot able to send request to the local machine or to proxy them
> to another one, depending on information it would have on user mailboxes
> location? If it does, do we have documentation on this?

Yes it does. You can store user backend location in mysql as we do that
since 2 years now without any problems.

You can start here:

I prefer method nr. 1 "Forward the password to the remote server".


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