[Dovecot] Dovecot mysql replication

Edwardo Garcia wdgarc88 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 6 09:28:02 EEST 2013

It not be because Timo not agree with thiz for switching, if one software
not do what you need, you go look for one that does as other says, my
manager would command that, I expect you manager also command you same.

I have mail from list member who advize me of  broken 1.2 version where
thiz work in fallover mode, I successful using thiz version now on two

I know version old and unsupported, but working very nice for how we need,
no more timeout message or delays for user logins all week, I am very happy

On Thu, May 30, 2013 at 9:01 PM, Charles Marcus
<CMarcus at media-brokers.com>wrote:

> On 2013-05-30 2:59 AM, Nick Edwards <nick.z.edwards at gmail.com> wrote:
>> nobody makes us dovecot true, but dovecot works fine and in perfect
>> harmony with postfix, except this one option. I remember the earlier thread
>> and have been waiting for this option, but now I see Timo has decided to
>> drop the idea after earlier saying it would be beneficial, and seems some
>> people have been waiting for long time for no reason, so maybe time to
>> consider all other options, including server software.
> Oh, grow up.
> I can see if this was something that was super critical to a functioning -
> and I agree that it should be fixed to either work as expected (best), or
> no longer support the ability to add multiple hosts - but it isn't up to me
> or you.
> Just because 'some' people have been waiting for this feature, doesn't
> mean that it is important to everyone.
> Now, if you can provide evidence that a large percentage of people desire
> this feature and it is important enough to them that they might actually
> consider switching from dovecot to something else (but what choices do you
> have, really? I know I have no desire to switch back to courier-imap), then
> I think Timo may reconsider. In fact, he may already be doing so.
> But the bottom line is, there are other ways to achieve this feature, and
> I think it is plain silly and juvenile to threaten to switch from dovecot
> just because Timo doesn't agree with you.
> Oh - and of course, the very last point...
> This *is* open source software. I'd wager an entire months pay that if you
> coded up a solution and provided a working, properly coded patch (that
> isn't full of security holes and bad coding practices), Timo would
> accept/merge it.
> --
> Best regards,
> Charles

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