[Dovecot] Autocreation the home folder

Joan aseques at gmail.com
Fri Jun 14 16:57:25 EEST 2013

At the moment I've not yet migrated to the new schema, the install I was
testing with does not have a lot of action, so at the moment I am fixing
the issues when they appear (not very frequent).
On the near future, will see, I can't modify the fields in the database
because I am using a fixed layout, so I might use a solution based on
creating hardlinks, changing configuration, and then remove the original
Still I haven't tested this...
Will post what I have in the future..



2013/5/17 Angel L. Mateo <amateo at um.es>

> El 16/05/13 12:48, Joan escribió:
>  The issue is more with legacy installs being upgraded than with new
>> setups,
>> on the later I might adjust the settings and start using the recoomended
>> layout.
>> On the alternative you suggest, if I understood properly, you are changing
>> the setup to mdbox
>>> mail_location = mdbox:%h/mdbox:INDEX=/mail/****indexes/%2Ln/%Ln
>>>> If there was a method to move automatically the mails (preferibly not
>> moving to mdbox) to a subfolder, I could change to the recommended layout
>> my current install.
>> Otherwise it seems the only current solution is to:
>> 1.- Stop dovecot
>> 2.- Change to recommended layout the config
>> 3.- Via a script move the content to the new location
>> 4.- Start dovecot with the new layout..
>> Am i right?
>>          I think you could this without needind dovecto to be stopped. If
> you could rewrite mail_location and mail_home in user's database, you could
> do:
> 1. For every user:
> 1.1. Change user's mail_location and mail_home
> 1.2. Change a user to recommended layout
> 2. Change the config to recommended layout
> 3. Remove per user's mail_location and mail_home config
>         (I'm not really sure about the right order for 1.1 and 1.2)
>         Another (maybe easier) suggestion... Could you just make
> /var/vmail a symlink to /home/vmail? This is no the ideal solution but it
> might works.
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