[Dovecot] Allowing clients to test their Sieve scripts

Ben Johnson ben at indietorrent.org
Fri Jun 14 22:22:42 EEST 2013

On 6/14/2013 3:06 PM, Frerich Raabe wrote:
> On Jun 14, 2013, at 11:42 AM, Ben Johnson <ben at indietorrent.org> wrote:
>> Sounds as though you've answered your own question. You probably need to
>> build some type of Web interface for sieve-test that is well-secured and
>> well-escaped.
> Looks like it. Kinda surprising that nobody else needed this, though - I
> wouldn't have thought it's than uncommon a requirement. :-)
> OTOH, that's some incentive for me to write something which is reasonably
> reusable as opposed to being specific to my particular setup.

Please do keep us posted if you decide to pursue the endeavor. I've
needed this, too, but it never bubbled up to the top of the priorities list.

The complexities associated with authentication will be the most
difficult part (at least if you want to build something reusable).

Ideally, authentication could be handled outside of the
application/script, e.g., by the Web-server. That would save you a lot
of coding and make the application far more portable.

Maybe I'll take a stab at this in PHP and share the results.


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