[Dovecot] Allowing clients to test their Sieve scripts

Benny Pedersen me at junc.eu
Sat Jun 15 09:38:17 EEST 2013

Frerich Raabe skrev den 2013-06-14 18:40:

> One thing which came up repeatedly is that clients using the IMAP
> server I run (using Dovecot 2.1) wonder whether they broke their 
> Sieve
> scripts, i.e. it often goes like "I don't know whether I just didn't
> receive any mail, or whether my filters broke. Can you check the
> logs?".


> I then usually just run the sieve-test binary (part of the Pigeonhole
> distribution) and send them the output. However, I was wondering - is
> there maybe a way for them to try it themselves? Like, maybe a tiny
> web server which just prints a form asking for a mail file and a 
> sieve
> script, and then it runs sieve-script and prints the output of that? 
> I
> wonder how other people do that.

is dovecot not just ignore sieve scripts that is invalid ?

if so why not let it until scripts writer have access to sieve-test in 
localhost, it could not being test on any orher webpage since sieve is 
basicly uniq pr host that support it

and i think managesieve should test scripts before commit it to 

maybe it will change, but i dopt

senders that put my email into body content will deliver it to my own 
trashcan, so if you like to get reply, dont do it

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