[Dovecot] Sieve file permission problem

Daniel Parthey d.parthey at metaways.de
Fri Jun 21 23:27:42 EEST 2013

Am 20.06.2013 10:16, schrieb Zoltan Lippai:
> Thanks for the answer, I'm not sure what you mean by the additional permission details.
> Here is a quick example:
> /var/mail/domainname.hu/zolcsi chmod: 700, owner: vmail:mail
> After I set the initial sieve filters, the following file and directory gets created:
> /var/mail/domainname.hu/zolcsi/sieve (directory) chmod: 700, owner: vmail:mail
> /var/mail/domainname.hu/zolcsi/.dovecot.sieve (symlink to the sieve/sieve.sieve file) chmod: 600, owner: vmail:mail
> After these two are created then the webmail can't modify them unless I delete the files manually.
> I looked in the mail.log and mail.err files, but couldn't find anything related to this.
> Perhaps if I set the log level to a higher value?
> Or is it possible to connect via telnet to port 2000 and issue some commands to see the actual answers of the ManageSieve server?
> Best regards,
> Zoltan

Try if you can modify your sieve script when connecting with Thunderbird 
Sieve Extension to your MANAGESIEVE port 4190 or 2000.

Can Afterlogic webmail be configured to use MANAGESIEVE protocol
or does it write directly to the filesystem from the webserver user
(which might be different from vmail, e.g. apache)

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