[Dovecot] Dovecot + SELinux permission problems

Jan-Frode Myklebust janfrode at tanso.net
Sun Jun 23 22:18:17 EEST 2013

On Sun, Jun 23, 2013 at 04:21:17PM +0100, Johnny wrote:
> I had thought SELinux would log something, but /var/log/audit/audit.log
> is blank...

Are you running auditd? I believe that if you're not running auditd, the
denials should be logged to the kernel ring buffer. Does "dmesg" show
any denials ?

Likely dovecot doesn't have access user_home_dir_t/user_home_t. Is all
users maildirs below /home/user/data1/Maildir/ ? If so, you can probably
fix this by creating a labeling rule for this, and re-label everything
below this directory:

	semanage fcontext -a -t mail_spool_t "/home/user/data1/Maildir(/.*)?"
	restorecon -R /home/user/data1/Maildir


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