[Dovecot] Config for master user in dovecot 1.1.20

lst_hoe02 at kwsoft.de lst_hoe02 at kwsoft.de
Mon Jun 24 11:05:30 EEST 2013

Zitat von izul <izul_2003 at yahoo.com>:

> Guys..i'm sorry if my questions is too absurd. Let me explain first.FYI im a
> totally newbie in this mail server thing. The mail server admin who managed
> and created this server in 2010 is gone .no contact at all.And also no
> documentation about the server in detail. And now the server need to be
> upgraded. We wana build new server with data ( account + mailbox ) migrated
> from the old server. I've tried to follow dovecot migration tutorial in wiki
> but still no luck. So I post here for further help.
> Ok at first I get the idea  that my dovecot version is too old for 2013. But
> IMHO thats too risky for me to upgrade to new version bcause of my
> knowledge. Afterall in wiki theres a tutorial Dovecot 1 . I want to focus on
> that instead of making change to my server. But now it still not working in
> my old server. I hope ill get answer in this forum.
> Again.. Sorry for my question if it categorized as flamming , OOT or
> something else. Im just a newbie with question and need some help..
> Thanx guys..

You question ist totaly valid, so no problem. With the problem as  
described i would go like this:

- Build your new server with a distribution you feel comfortable with
- Install the Dovecot Version provided by this distribution
- Check the basic settings done by your install and adjust only the  
needed settings
- Migrate the user/password store if they are local/on the same  
machine and check if its working
- Check the mail input from the MTA
- Copy one user mailbox to the new server, adjust permissions/owner if  
necessary and test if its working

If all the steps suceed copy over all mailbox data. If your are i  
doubt and/or the mailsystem is critical for the company raise some  
budget to get external paid help.



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