[Dovecot] Sieve file permission problem

Lippai Zoltan zoli at lippai.net
Mon Jun 24 17:32:31 EEST 2013

> Er, below you've wrote that "It uses port 2000 to communicate with dovecot via the ManageSieve plugin." Now you write "webmail can't modify them" ... . So it seems that the webmail is not using port 2000??

Sorry, I meant that it can't modify the rules via ManageSieve. I'm pretty sure, that the webmail is using the ManageSieve server and not modifying the files directly, because I only had to set the host and port for the Sieve server.
I tried to modify the sieve scripts by telnetting into ManagieSieve server and it succeeded, so at this point I'm really not sure what might be wrong here. I will try to debug the communication between the webmail and the sieve server, I believe that holds the key to the solution.

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