[Dovecot] Help installing Dovecot 1.0 on Debian 6.0.7

Ron Leach ronleach at tesco.net
Tue Jun 25 13:00:04 EEST 2013

On 25/06/2013 10:33, Roshan Dawrani wrote:
> Could someone please let me know if I can get the pre-built binaries for
> Dovecot 1.0 for Debian 6.0?

This looks interesting:


You may be able merely to set another repository in apt.

The distributable CDs and DVDs are available, as well.  I don't know 
whether Dovecot will be on them, or not, nor do I understand how to 
find out, but they are here:


Dovecot 1.0.15 was the latest v1.0 in Debian.  If it is not in the 
Debian 6 distribution, I am pretty sure it was in the Debian 5 
distribution, which is also available at those sites.

regards, Ron

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