[Dovecot] Deleting messages with Mac Mail via IMAP

Tim Schneider tim.schneider at portabile.net
Wed Sep 4 00:25:11 EEST 2013

The right wording (expunge) provided me with some clues.
Anyway, Mac Mail does not have such a flag. 
It seems to be deliberately designed to do the expunge on quitting the application.
Expunge can also be triggered by using cmd+shift+k with no marked messages to empty all trashes.
Using this command, one can also mark a message and expunge it directly, bypassing the trash.

I don't want to exclude the possiblity that this has got something to do
with the IDLE system, and could be resolved by, for example, providing
the right IMAP capabilities flags upon com init.

Interestingly, iOS mail does delete the message in the inbox directly when moving it to trash.

Thanks anyway to the contributors of this thread, I think I will have to accept this behavior, 
since Apple does usually not care about customer requests to resolve bugs. Mostly they 
declare them to be intended stupidity, even when they sell items that behave just the opposite way.

Anyway, Zarafa mail server has a flag imap_expunge_on_delete.
Perhaps this would be a useful feature for Dovecot to protect admins from angry customers 
who use well-designed Apple products.

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>> Date: Tuesday, September 03, 2013 07:11:40 PM +0200
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>> Subject: [Dovecot] Deleting messages with Mac Mail via IMAP
>> Hello mailing list subscribers!
>> When I delete a message in Mac Mail 6.5 (OS X 10.8.4),
>> with the option to move messages to the trash set in Mac Mail
>> account preferences, the message is copied to the trash, and
>> markes as trashed in the cur/inbox directory on the server (STa
>> flag in the file name).
>> My horde webmail then displays this messages correctly as trashed
>> in the inbox. However, I want the message to be gone from the
>> inbox.
>> Quitting Mac Mail deletes it in the inbox reliably.
>> Is there any IMAP setting for dovecot to get move, and not copy
>> and mark as trashed behavior?

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