[Dovecot] best practice to have sent mail folder on dovecot imap server

Robert Schetterer rs at sys4.de
Sun Sep 8 19:44:14 EEST 2013

Am 08.09.2013 18:15, schrieb Reindl Harald:
> Am 08.09.2013 18:04, schrieb Thomas Koch:
>> I've already asked this here:
>> http://serverfault.com/questions/533940/best-practice-to-have-sent-mail-
>> folder-on-dovecot-imap-server

you may use special-use RFC 6154


have a look


also only german


some more info


so you might be happy with Outlook 2013, K9 Mail new Horde webmail
versions, for thunderbird

http://wiki2.dovecot.org/Plugins/Autocreate might help too

dont know the status of kmail

older blog


Third problem — KMail does not implement the Special Folder extension
defined in RFC 6154

>> when I add a mail account to KMail (or most other MUA I suppose) the sent mail 
>> folder is on the local machine and I don't have my sent mails on other 
>> machines.
>> I'd like to have a sent mail folder in IMAP and I thought that there would 
>> already exist a standard or best practice how to set this up so that the mail 
>> is only transfered once to the MTA and from the MTA to the IMAP server
>> I even thought to remember an RFC related to this problem?
>> It isn't that simple, is it? I'm using Exim
> these days any kown mail client in case of IMAP copies the message after successful
> sending via APPEND to the sent folder on the IMAP server - if kmail as default stores
> it only in a local folder file a bug against kmail
> hence you can even configure in which IMAP folder sent messages should be stored which
> is one of the biggest problem because every random client handles this different instead
> look if there is a "Sent" folder use it and display the locale name unindependet of
> the servers name
> mix different clients and in case of Apple mail.app and iPhones with different patchlevels
> and you will see a ton of different named sent-folder until you configure any device to use
> the same and remove the orphans

yes i recent saw  equal stuff at a migration from another namespace
really bad behave by apple clients, but there should be no problems with
brand new installs and mailboxes , which means no problem was reported
to me yet

> the XLIST capability promises to solve this problem but it will take years until any relevant
> client is supporting this and only god knows how to act in the situtation where you still have
> 5 different sent-folders - so in the real world expect the problem exists the next 5 years
> http://www.limilabs.com/blog/imap-list-xlist-and-lsub
> _______________________________________________
> transfer it only once to the MTA and from there to the sent-folder is more
> or less impossible - most mail systems deliver messages via LMTP to dovecot
> or whatever MDA and in that case have no predictable way to put it in the
> sent folder serverside, at least not if you keep in mind that people
> access their mail with different clients at the same time in days
> of smartphones, tablets and whatever clients acess the same account
> at the same time

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