[Dovecot] Vacation message and DMARC validation

Gerson Moraes gerson at digirati.com.br
Tue Sep 10 22:20:50 EEST 2013

> Op 5-9-2013 21:55, Gerson Moraes schreef:
>> I would like to know if a patch to the main project would be 
>> appreciated. Could you also please confirm if there are any future 
>> plans involving this feature, like an optional configuration for 
>> custom envelope-from?
> Since it is not direct a violation of the specification, I can accept 
> such a feature. What exactly do you need? Is it enough if it uses the 
> recipient address or do you want to be able to set it freely to a 
> server-wide static address?

It is enough to use the recipient address. It will make DKIM validation 


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