[Dovecot] Quota question.

Bruce Markey bruce at secryption.com
Wed Sep 11 21:32:56 EEST 2013

I have quotas setup with dovecot. Everything seems to be running fine. 
Values show up fine in mysql.  I set up Roundcube to show quota amounts, 
this also works. For some reason it's showing the old value, I had upped 
a quot

I assume that dovecot is reporting this wrong since roundcube talks to 
dovecot for its info.

Imap debug info:
[11-Sep-2013 15:57:47 +0000]: [5986] S: A0003 OK List completed.
[11-Sep-2013 15:57:47 +0000]: [5986] C: A0004 GETQUOTAROOT INBOX
[11-Sep-2013 15:57:47 +0000]: [5986] S: * QUOTAROOT "INBOX" "User quota"
[11-Sep-2013 15:57:47 +0000]: [5986] S: * QUOTA "User quota" (STORAGE 81 
[11-Sep-2013 15:57:47 +0000]: [5986] S: A0004 OK Getquotaroot completed.
[11-Sep-2013 15:57:47 +0000]: [5986] C: A0005 LOGOUT

I'm not sure where next to look.  I made sure I didn't have a hard 
defaut value set in

Thank you

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