[Dovecot] Vacation message and DMARC validation

Gerson Moraes gerson at digirati.com.br
Thu Sep 12 00:35:13 EEST 2013

Hi Stephan,
> how do you prevent loops, e.g. both sides have an autoresponder
> activated?
We use the parameter "days" available for setting the frequency of 
vacation messages.
For example, if "days" is set to 1, only one auto-response will be 
generated for the same e-mail per day.
So, it prevents loops correctly.
> Does the custom env-from is dropped by the MTA, if it
> arrives from the outside? IMHO, one should not assume that another
> side does honor Preference: bulk/auto.
I did not understand what you meant. Can you give an example?


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