[Dovecot] Strange errors with imapc+acl in 2.2.x

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Wed Sep 25 04:42:11 EEST 2013

On 24.9.2013, at 19.16, René Neumann <lists at necoro.eu> wrote:

> after migrating to 2.2 (currently using 2.2.5), I see strange error
> messages when using imapc + public namespace + acl
> My setup: I create a public shared mailbox with imapc as location. Then
> I restrict this mailbox to one user only using ACLs.
> This works for this one special user, but for all others an error gets
> logged and they can't access their mailbox anymore:
> Sep 24 18:09:46 [dovecot] imap(other at my.domain): Error: user
> other at my.domain: Initialization failed: Namespace 'Gemeinsam.':
> Ambiguous mail location setting, don't know what to
> do with it: yes (try prefixing it with mbox: or maildir:)

I can't reproduce this. Set mail_debug=yes and show what's in the logs?

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