[Dovecot] Grant access for Unix-User _and_ virtual Users

marco marco at misterunknown.de
Thu Sep 26 11:53:06 EEST 2013


> In Dovecot you configure one or more password databases and one or
> more user databases.
> s. http://wiki2.dovecot.org/Authentication/MultipleDatabases
> that covers system user + virtual users.

Thank you very much. That is exactly that I searched for.

> Or you can use the "static" userdb for virtual users and "passwd"
> userdb for system users, but place userdb passwd { } before userdb
> static { }.

I think the static version is comfortable for me. Thanks again for your 

> Later, when you know more about Dovecot, you can make the config more
> efficient.

I hope so. This whole mailserver issue is very interesting but also 
difficult for beginners.

Cheers, Marco

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