[Dovecot] Dovecot extremely slow!

Bob Miller bob at computerisms.ca
Thu Sep 26 19:28:48 EEST 2013


> Sep 26 11:03:23 wasabi dovecot: imap-login: Disconnected (no auth attempts in 1 secs): user=<>, rip=, lip=, TLS, \
> session=<uOJE1UnnxQAYOj52>
> Sep 26 11:03:26 wasabi dovecot: imap-login: Login: user=<pato>, method=PLAIN, rip=, lip=, mpid=3973, TLS, session\
> =<PCFr1UnnxgAYOj52>

try enabling the debug settings in your dovecot.conf, maybe you can get
more info:

#auth_debug = yes
#auth_debug_passwords = yes
#mail_debug = yes

You also mention that your auth server is on a separate machine, and 60
seconds seems a lot like a timeout threshold, maybe you are having
intermittent problems there.  Maybe if you could tail the dovecot and
the ldap logs simultaneously then repeat your test, you would see a
discrepancy on the auth server when the dovecot logs show user=<>  

> ssl_cert = </etc/dovecot/wasabi.imap.crt
> ssl_key = </etc/dovecot/private/wasabi.imap.nopwd.key

Hmm... a low-level guess: maybe you need to speicify your CA here?  I
don't *think* that would explain your slowness, but I suppose there
could be a timeout looking for it...

> userdb {
>    driver = passwd
> }

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