[Dovecot] pop3-login problem

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Fri Sep 27 17:52:13 EEST 2013

On 27.9.2013, at 11.31, Oleksii Krykun <kryol at bigmir.net> wrote:

> I have dovecot-2.2.5 installed as part of postfix+dovecot+mysql+amavisd.
> My server has two NICs (Internet and local). /etc/resolv.conf point to ISP DNS. Local names are not resolved.
> If ISP link goes to down state I see (after about 1minute) a following error:
> Sep 26 15:44:29 pop3-login: Error: master(pop3): Auth request timed out (received 0/12 bytes)

auth process is hanging.

> and following informational message:
> Sep 26 15:44:29 pop3-login: Info: Internal login failure (pid=12809 id=17815) (internal failure, 1 successful auths): user=<xxx at xxx.xxx> .....
> If link is restored (even for a short time) all works fine again. After next down errors are repeated.
> I suppose that this is dns issue. Am I wrong?

Could be.

> And I have a following question.
> Is it possible to disable dns requests? I haven't external clients. Or I must fix a name resolution e.g. to use a caching dns server?

Dovecot doesn't do DNS requests itself, exactly because of problems like these. Your passdb or userdb might do that though. Show your doveconf -n?

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