[Dovecot] Disabling plus sign extension delimiter in lmtp listener (or userdb)

Benoit Panizzon benoit.panizzon at imp.ch
Sun Jun 1 17:54:23 UTC 2014

Am Sunday, 1. June 2014, 18.14:54 schrieb Axel Luttgens:
> Le 1 juin 2014 à 17:36, Benoit Panizzon a écrit :
> > Hi Axel
> > 
> >> This is probably related to the recipient_delimiter setting, which
> >> defaults to '+'.
> > 
> > Where is there such a setting in the dovecot config itself?
> This is a LDA-related setting (see for example
> share/doc/dovecot/example-config/conf.d/15-lda.conf for some details).
> Its default value is '+', as shown by the output of:
> 	doveconf -d recipient_delimiter
> You could put
> 	recipient_delimiter =
> into dovecot.conf so as to disable the handling of such a delimiter.

Drat! I think that option was removed by a colleague to disable the delimiter, 
instead of setting it to an empty value.

Thank you, will test but I'm pretty sure that's the solution. The Dovecot Wiki 
is not very clear as for me it looked like to be only postfix related.


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