[Dovecot] Outlook 2007 & 2010 hangs in v2.2?

Kilburn Abrahams kilburna at gmail.com
Sun Jun 8 21:20:45 UTC 2014

On 06/09/2014 02:58 AM, Charles Marcus wrote:
> On 6/7/2014 10:46 AM, Kilburn Abrahams <kilburna at gmail.com> wrote:
>> These users
>> have 50GB+ mailboxes using IMAP.
> What mailbox format (maildir? dbox? mbox?)?
Maildir++. I have got most Outlook users to remove delete items so the
size ~ 30GB with the exception of 2 users that I want to keep for
testing. I switched to fetch headers. It seemed to reduce the error a
bit but I don't know if this is factor of mail reduction or headers.

Either way, there is a regression in 2.2. 

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