ot: accepting self certs into win pc?

voytek at sbt.net.au voytek at sbt.net.au
Tue Jun 10 00:48:47 UTC 2014

few month ago, I've got a new Dovecot/Postfix server with self issued
certificate (like the previous server), transferred users, all went well

EXCEPT for one user on Win/Outlook (or Outlook Express) who tells me his
new PC 'doesn't want to accept certificate' (sorry, I'm short on exact
details at this time)

I need to get it sorted out, I expect it 'should just work' like it did
for other users, BUT, before I start looking, trying to 'educate myself'

if any one has any pointers, dos or don't regarding win email clients with
self certified server, pls point me that way

is using IE with www.dom.com/mycert.crt good point to start ? (after
copying mycer.crt to web linked directory first?)


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