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Tue Jun 10 09:22:52 UTC 2014

Hello, this is my first email to the list... i´m configuring Dovecot with
NTLM authentication, at least this is what i wanted, but i´m having a few
1-I made my configuration following the steps from this howto
from the dovecot official site, but my dovecot´s version is 2.1.7 and the
tutorial dovecot´s version is 1.1.16. But, the fact is that when i enter
to the wiki1, for the version 1.x  i found that all the howtos are
obsoletes and the tutorial for the version 1.x is the same for the 2.x
version, so this howto is not trustful.... but, there is not another one.
2-When i implement it all seems to work OK, but the communication between
dovecot and the helper in "/usr/bin/ntlm_auth". I made the tests with the
binary(/usr/bin/ntlm_auth) and i got the  right answers from it, and i
also made the test with the tool wbinfo and were successful. During the
tests i was monitoring the logs of my Domain Controller (The server from
where i want to authenticate) and it logged all the requests i made
however when i try to authenticate with dovecot in my Domain Controller
nothing is written in the logs... then i get to  the conclusion that
Dovecot is not communicating with the helper, and of course in dovecot´s
logs appears:
auth: Info: winbind(?, user not authenticated:
As i said, my friends, there is no any other tutorial or howto in
internet, at least i did not see it. I´m asking for your help... if any of
you have configured  Dovecot to auth against NTLM, please tell me how.
Im working on Debian Wheezy and Dovecot 2.1.7.
PS:Please forgive my English i speak Spanish

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