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On 06/09/2014 01:27 PM, Timo Sirainen wrote:
> Another thing I'm wondering about is if I should allow text/html parts, because removing them will also break the DKIM signatures. Or mainly I'd like to allow only multipart/alternative with text/plain + text/html, but I don't think I can configure Mailman to support that.

Yes you can, well sort of - see below, but note that in addition to
content filtering, the addition of msg_footer will probably break DKIM

If you put the following in pass_mime_types


and set both collapse_alternatives and convert_html_to_plaintext to No,
multipart messages which are not multipart/mixed (e.g., multipart/mixed,
multipart/related and multipart/signed) will be handled according to
filter_action. Messages which are multipart/alternative with only
text/plain and text/html alternatives will be passed unchanged by
content filtering as will single part messages of type text/plain or

Potential problems with this are:
1) you may not want single part text/html on the list.
2) some people sign their posts.

Because of 2), you need to add multipart/signed and
application/pgp-signature to pass_mime_types, but that complicates the
content filtering scenario because now a message with a structure like


will be accepted by the list with the image/jpeg part removed rather
than handled according to filter_action.

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