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Jost Krieger Jost.Krieger+dovecot at
Wed Jun 11 10:21:04 UTC 2014

On Wed Jun 11 12:03:24 2014, Reindl Harald wrote:

> Cisco routers by default mangle DNS traffic, break zone transfers
> or even put befor all CNAME blocks a $TTL 0 line never appeared
> on the master until you disable DNS ALG for UDP and TCP

I believe that Cisco equipment will do such things, but I doubt it's the
routers. Unless you plug a firewall card in.

> the bigger the company the more breakage
A bit back on-topic here:

My impression is that Outlook 2013 will move mails from one
(Dovecot) folder to the other by downloading the mail, messing up the
headers and uploading again. This will break the antispam plugin, of

Can anyone confirm?

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