Subject tag [Dovecot] is gone

Spyros Tsiolis spyros.tsiolis at
Wed Jun 11 10:52:38 UTC 2014


I think you were a bit harsh on Reindl.

It is my opinion that he is a productive member
of this list and his views are valuable.

He just uses a bit stronger language.
Something that I do sometimes.

I don't think he wanted to be rude with someone.

Just my opinion,


> Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2014 12:03:24 +0200
> From: h.reindl at
> To: dovecot at
> Subject: Re: Subject tag [Dovecot] is gone
> Am 11.06.2014 11:30, schrieb Koenraad Lelong:
>> op 10-06-14 17:37, Koenraad Lelong schreef:
>>> I looked at some messages on the server. Not trace of those List-lines.
>>> I think I will get in touch with Watchguard to see if they remove those
>>> lines.
>> I subscribed to dovecot with a home-account. There I do have those RFC2919 lines.
>> I also just "whitelisted" the dovecot-list on my Watchguard. I'll see if that changes anything.
>> But I also filed a "bug-report" with Watchguard concerning this. You would think such a company should know better.
> not uncommon, i saw anti-virus software mangle http traffic
> by spit random bytes before the http headers leading to ask
> the browser where to save the php-file
> Cisco routers by default mangle DNS traffic, break zone transfers
> or even put befor all CNAME blocks a $TTL 0 line never appeared
> on the master until you disable DNS ALG for UDP and TCP
> the bigger the company the more breakage
> and that is why i said "you have crap on your side" what for whatever
> reason you took as a personal attack leaded to lure all the trolls
> out of their holes and react to a out-of-context quote

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