ACL configuration migration from Dovecot 2.1.17 to 2.2.13

Iavor Stoev iavor at
Wed Jun 11 12:52:14 UTC 2014


I'm preparing migration to the latest Dovecot version 2.2.13
from the previous stable branch 2.1.17 which is deployed on my servers.

With version 2.1.17 I use global acl dir to prevent all mail users to 
delete their INBOX.Junk Mail folder, which is part from our spam 
protection system.

My current config is:

cat /etc/dovecot/acls/INBOX.Junk\ Mail
owner lrwstiae

With version 2.2.13, the global acl dir support is disabled (with the 
above config, the imap server shows no folders at all) so I must
use global acl file. The problem is that the "INBOX.Junk Mail" folder 
contains space character and I tried to escape it with "",'',/ and 
enclose the whole name with "" & '' without success. If I change the acl 
config to INBOX.Mail it works OK.

The syntax of my global acl file is:

cat /etc/dovecot/acls
INBOX.Junk Mail owner lrwstiae

The error is:

Error: Global ACL file /etc/dovecot/acls line 1: Unknown ID 'Mail'

Please advise

Iavor Stoev
Project Manager // Head of System & Network Administration Department  	

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