Accessing a user mailbox from another user

Angel L. Mateo amateo at
Tue Jun 17 10:42:54 UTC 2014


	I'm looking for something maybe similar to master password but for 
final users and I don't know if there is already a way I could do it 
with dovecot.

	I have accounts that are used by a set of users who know their 
password. But I now want to remove this shared password and the users 
has to access to this shared account with their own password.

	Using shared folders is not an option (at least, not the first option) 
because of the behaviour our users are familiar with, such as:

* They have and manage different sieve filters for the account
* They have thier own Sent, Drafts, SPAM... for this shared account and 
their email client recognizes them as it (because they have its own 

	What I'm looking for is something similar to master password, but for a 
user identifying as another regular user, not the "master" one. Do you 
know if there already is a way to configure a similar behaviour?

	I'm planning to configure an user and authentication backend (maybe 
pam) that gets users as <realuser>$<finaluser> and the realuser 
password, checks if <realuser> should access to <finaluser> and then 
returns <finaluser> mail location to dovecot.

	Any idea?

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