Replication and namespaces

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Replication in dovecot is running into trouble as it is trying to sync virtual namespaces and does not like it.
dsync parameters

With v2.2.9+ you can configure what parameters replicator uses for the doveadm sync command:

replication_dsync_parameters = -d -N -l 30 -U
The -f and -s parameters are added automatically when needed.

Usually the only change you may want to do is replace -N (= sync all namespaces) with -n <namespace> or maybe just add -x <exclude> parameter(s).


What is the description of namespace that follows -n or -x?

-x virtual
Or -x 0/
Where 0/ is the prefix for my virtual namespace

Does not seem to stop it trying to sync the virtual namespace...

What should I be doing instead?

Do I need to use all the parameters above?  Or can I just use the -x ?

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