ACL group vs. owner question

Peter Chiochetti pch at
Mon Jun 23 08:56:39 UTC 2014

Am 2014-06-22 15:09, schrieb Thomas Leuxner:
> * Peter Chiochetti <pch at> 2014.06.22 14:48:
>>> * owner lr
>>> * group=SYS lrwstipekxa
>>> doveadm(archiv): Info: User archiv has rights: lookup read
> What version is this? There used to be a bug in versions before 2.2.13 where only the first matching ACL line was applied. From the looks this could be the case here as only 'lr' is applied.

Thomas, thank you for your interest. This is with 2.2.13, after the 
mentioned bug was corrected.

As nobody seems to know, whether such should work in stock dovecot, I 
guess I will have to take out all my config and try myself :(


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