Dovecot and Postfix

Alex JOST jost+lists at
Mon Jun 30 12:47:24 UTC 2014

Am 30.06.2014 10:51, schrieb Jerry:
> At the bottom of dovecot.conf: !include conf.d/*.conf
> At the bottom of 10-auth.conf:
> #!include auth-deny.conf.ext
> #!include auth-master.conf.ext
> !include auth-system.conf.ext
> #!include auth-sql.conf.ext
> !include auth-passwdfile.conf.ext
> #!include auth-checkpassword.conf.ext
> #!include auth-vpopmail.conf.ext
> #!include auth-static.conf.ext
> Do I have to uncomment "include" files in 10-auth.conf to get them pulled in?


> Does't the "include" from the dovecot.conf do that?

No. Notice the extra .ext at the end of the auth files. That's why they 
are not matched by !include conf.d/*.conf

> It looks like the "10-master.conf" isn't being used.

Why do you think so?


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