mixing Maildir and mdbox

gustavo panizzo <gfa> gfa at zumbi.com.ar
Sat Jun 28 02:57:51 UTC 2014

	i'm in the process to architect a new email system. i plan to use
dovecot 2.2.9 (debian's wheezy). i would like to use maildir for 2
folders on each account (spam and no-spam) and the rest of the folders
stored on mdbox. this should be opaque to my users.

the reason for this, is i want to be able to train my anti-spam tools,
but they read maildir or mbox, they don't read mdbox or dbox. but i want
the other folders as mdbox (performance, backups, alternate storage)

is there any way?, i prefer if is configurable in advance for all
accounts but i could live with something that is done after account is


PD: please keep me CC'ed as i'm not subscribed to the list

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