Thunderbird ignores some folders

Sven Hartge sven at
Fri Oct 3 18:19:01 UTC 2014

dovecot.pkoch at wrote:

> we are using Dovecot 2.2.7 and all of our users are using Thunderbird
> as their mail client. Some of them additionally use their iPad/iPhone
> and a very few an Android Mail-Client.

> Now one user noticed that two of his mail folders disappeared. He
> first believed that he accidentally deleted those folders but then he
> realized that they are still visible from his iPad. I checked this
> users maildir and everything looks normal. Deleting the index-files
> made no difference: New index-files were created but those two folders
> are still invisable from Thunderbird.

Have you checked the folder subscription? I had some cases of folder
"mysteriously" disappearing from Thunderbird (Linux/Windows/MacOS,
doesn't matter) and in all but one case (the one case being the user
really had deleted the folders) they were no longer subscribed to. 

Or at least Thunderbird thought so. 

Restarting Thunderbird and resubscribing fixed the issue in my cases.


Sigmentation fault. Core dumped.

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