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Professa Dementia professa at
Tue Oct 14 09:02:31 UTC 2014

On 10/14/2014 1:28 AM, Jorge Bastos wrote:

> Also the [Dovecot] on the subject would be handy.

The list used to do this.  I agree with you, and the matter was debated, 
but the list is not a democracy and Timo, as the owner, changed the list 

The problem is that changing the subject conflicts with DKIM.  DKIM is a 
broken standard for several reasons; it does not have allowances for 
mailing lists to add their name to the subject - a very common and 
useful practice - and these days spam filters do a far superior job than 
DKIM, making it too little, too late.  I do not use DKIM and get no 
spam.  That last spam I got was about 4 months ago, then another 2 
months before that.  2 spams over the course of 6 months is pretty good, 
and that is without DKIM.

Depending on your mail client, you can set up a filter that detects the 
mailing-list headers and adds the name back to the subject line.  I do 
something similar and it adds back the lost functionality. :-)

Best of luck.


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