mmap_disable=yes not honored always

Peter Benko pbopbo at
Wed Oct 15 15:31:48 UTC 2014

<Sorry for the resend, it seems that the formatting of my original mail got garbled>

Hi all,
I'm experimenting with having the mail store on a 9p file system that lacks mmap() functionality. So I disabled it in dovecot:
mmap_disable = yes
However, I keep getting the following error messages in my log:
Oct 15 16:55:00 computer-name dovecot: imap user at[] Error: mmap() failed with file /mail/mailboxes/ Invalid argument
I only get those messages for the shared folder's private indexes. This setup works perfectly on an ext2/3/4 fs.
Any opinions, is this a bug? Is mmap_disable not mandatory for all operations?
Best regards,

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