Proxy problem: "imap-login: Error: proxy(USERNAME): connect(10.x.x.178, 993) failed: Cannot assign requested address (after 0 secs, local=10.x.x.104)"

Ralf Hildebrandt r at
Fri Oct 17 07:47:31 UTC 2014

> > in the logs. We already tried raising the ulimit, the max number of
> > open files. Once we reach about 25k connections, we're getting the
> > error above... for all local addresses. It seems as if the system
> > cannot create any more outgoing connections.
> I'd guess you're running out of TCP ports.

I think so too, but it's somewhat unlikely! We're using 10 outbound IP
adresses! In a random fashion (and I'm seeing this on the backend
> > We're using multiple local addresses when proxying to the backends
> How are you doing the multiple local addresses? In v2.2.14 there's
> login_source_ips setting intended to solve this problem.

Exactly like that!


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