SMTP authentication setup

deoren Dovecot-mailing-list at
Tue Oct 21 15:06:29 UTC 2014

On 2014-10-21 07:40, Brian wrote:
> At my company we've had a longstanding problem of not being able to
> send email from devices outside of our internal network and any
> specific IP address that we open the relay to. As it turns out, SASL
> has never been set up. I need to set up SASL ASAP but none of the
> guides I've found seem to work.

I recommend reading over these guides and doing outside research to fill 
in any blanks:


They walk you through setting up SASL for Postfix which uses Dovecot for 
auth. Dovecot in turn uses a MySQL database that you put together, but 
Dovecot supports many other auth sources such as LDAP that might be more 
relevant to your setup.

It's worth mentioning (although you probably already know this) to 
double-check any recommendations you find in guides against official 
docs when it comes to security practices. For example, one guide 
recommends using the MD5 hashing algorithm (without a salt) to store 
passwords. I'm (very) far from being a security expert, but I recommend 
you research an alternative hashing scheme if you're setting up an auth 
source from scratch.

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