Properly "locking" a useraccount (on a proxy)

Robert Schetterer rs at
Tue Oct 21 19:46:54 UTC 2014

Am 21.10.2014 um 20:37 schrieb Ralf Hildebrandt:
> * Ralf Hildebrandt <r at>:
>> 2) defer LMTP delivery somehow (Postfix is talking to dovecot's LMTP server)
> I could of course put a mysql: query into postfix which would return 
> user at domain retry:
> for the "locked" user. But I'm lazy and would prefer a single place /
> a single query to lock the account

in sql postfixadmin schema there is an "active" flag 0 vs 1 per user

smtpd_recipient_restrictions = reject_unknown_recipient_domain,

i use configured it as

query = SELECT CONCAT('REJECT mailaddress %s is set in inactive mode')
address FROM mailbox WHERE username='%s' AND active = '0'

you may use not REJECT but

421 text (Postfix 2.3 and later) which is tmp error

dovecot site may look like this


password_query = SELECT username as user, password, \
1001 as userdb_uid, \
1001 as userdb_gid, \
"/usr/local/virtual/%d/%u/" AS userdb_home, \
"maildir:/usr/local/virtual/%d/%u/" AS userdb_mail \
FROM mailbox WHERE username = '%u' AND active = '1'

but to be honest, its a long time ago i tested this feature, and in real
world nobody seems to use "active" settings

however perhaps you can adapt this idea to fit in your setup somehow

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