Public mailbox confusion

Stefan G. Weichinger lists at
Wed Oct 22 09:35:12 UTC 2014


I am quite sure I ask some faq here ... sorry, but I am confused by the
many options and choices here.

What I want to do is:

I migrate lots of public folders from a MS Exchange Server ...

The customer wants that there is a "Public" folder containing all these
hundreds of folders, the public folder should be visible for all the
dovecot-users and all the subfolders should be automatically subscribed
as soon a new user logs in.

What I have now:

namespace {
        type = private
        separator = /
        prefix =
        inbox = yes

namespace {
        type = public
        separator = /
        prefix = Public/
        location =
        subscriptions = yes

As far as I see from testing this doesn't yet work that way.

When I open the mailbox with eg. roundcube I see "Public" but nothing
below it ...

Could someone please give me a good pointer here?



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