Where can I find change logs/release notes for Dovecot EE releases?

deoren Dovecot-mailing-list at whyaskwhy.org
Sat Oct 25 07:05:51 UTC 2014

On 10/23/2014 2:36 AM, Teemu Huovila wrote:
> On 10/23/2014 10:34 AM, Teemu Huovila wrote:
>> On 10/23/2014 12:35 AM, deoren wrote:
>>> I searched for them and haven't come across them yet. Could any point me in the right direction? Specifically the Ubuntu 12.04
>>> package notes if they're split out.
>> On a Debian based system you should find them in /usr/share/doc/dovecot-ee-core/chagnelog.gz
> /usr/share/doc/dovecot-ee-core/changelog.gz

Thanks Teemu.

I was hoping that there was an online copy somewhere that I could
review, but it doesn't appear too troublesome to pull off by unpacking
the dovecot-ee-core deb file prior to installing the updates.

First, I note what version I'm currently running. Prior to the latest
updates, it was v2.2.13.25. Once I have that I can proceed to follow
these steps to extract the recent changes.

#1) apt-get clean
#2) apt-get dist-upgrade -d
#3) cp /var/cache/apt/archives/dovecot-ee-core*.deb /tmp/
#4) cd /tmp
#5) mkdir dovecot-ee-core
#6) ar p dovecot-ee-core_*.deb data.tar.gz | tar zx -C dovecot-ee-core
#7) zcat dovecot-ee-core/usr/share/doc/dovecot-ee-core/changelog.gz |
grep -B 100

It's a few steps, but that gives me the changelog I was looking for
prior to installing the updates.

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