Sieve: carry global variables from sieve_before to user sieve scripts

Alexander 'Leo' Bergolth leo at
Sat Oct 25 13:50:58 UTC 2014

On 20.10.2014 11:48, Alexander 'Leo' Bergolth wrote:
> Is there a way to initialize global variables with default values in
> sieve_before scripts that can be used in the sieve_default script or in
> user scripts?

OK. I guess that's currently not possible. I had a quick look in the 
code, the global variable namespace seems to be copied from the parent 
script during execution of the include statement. (In 
ext_include_generate_include() which calls 

So maybe it is possible to take another approach:
Instead of executing sieve_before scripts and sieve_default side by 
side, maybe it is feasible to set the "before-script" as sieve_default 
and include the default personal user script from there if it exists? 
That way global variable inheritance should work, shouldn't it?

Did anyone try this approach? Any caveats? Any security implications?


> I've tried the following code but this doesn't work..
> before.d/10-set-defaults.sieve:
> -------------------- 8< --------------------
> require ["variables", "include"];
> require "vnd.dovecot.debug";
> set "global.S_TESTVAR leo";
> debug_log "LEO SIEVE: in before.d/10-set-defaults, S_TESTVAR:
> ${global.S_TESTVAR}";
> -------------------- 8< --------------------
> default.sieve:
> -------------------- 8< --------------------
> require ["variables", "include"];
> require "vnd.dovecot.debug";
> global "S_TESTVAR";
> debug_log "LEO SIEVE: in default.sieve: S_TESTVAR: ${global.S_TESTVAR},
> ${S_TESTVAR}";
> -------------------- 8< --------------------
> Is there any other way to set up defaults in a global sieve script?

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