imap-postlogin and doveadm

Gedalya gedalya at
Sat Oct 25 20:14:44 UTC 2014

On 10/25/2014 03:16 PM, Hans Morten Kind wrote:
> We are configuring location= running a bash-script during imap-postlogin
> setting $MAIL in $USERDB_KEYS, as described in wiki/PostLoginScripting.txt
> This works fine.
> However, running a command like 'dovadm index [-u user] folder'
> only works for users with settings that match the default in mail_location=
> Would it be possible to make the location available for doveadm
> in a similar way, either with command line arguments or in the
> enviroment?
> hmk
Normally you would return this from the userdb. I normally like to use 
SQL, among the reasons is the fact that the SQL language allows to do 
some logic beyond just returning the contents of a column.
You didn't specify what your auth backend is and what logic is being 
done in your bash script. But if you can get the right response to come 
straight from the userdb, that would affect doveadm too.

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