Error renaming folders with spaces

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Tue Oct 28 04:19:15 UTC 2014


On 2014-10-27 17:09, Steffen Kaiser wrote: 

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> On Mon, 27 Oct 2014, mtrainer at cloud-free.comwrote:
> I am getting frequent errors of
 the form below. In most cases the path has spaces in it. Oct 24
07:27:08 mailstore03 dovecot: imap(sam at[1]): Error:
rename(/home8/rs7-username/mail/ -
ABC, /home8/rs7-username/mail/ -
ABC/Subfolder) failed: Invalid argument Any ideas what is causing these
errors? mail_location = maildir:~/ 

> the "/Subfolder" part looks
 erroreously for me. 

> Your setup does not support slashes in mailbox
 names. Thanks for the response. I did some testing and the error
messages I get from Outlook vary and are not very helpful. If I try to
rename a folder from test to test/2 I get an error "Server bug: Internal
error occurred". I I try renaming a folder "test 1" to "test 1/ 2" I get
an error "NONEXISTENT: Mailbox doesn't exist : INBOX.test 1". Is there
any way I can support the '/' character with my configuration without
changing the format of all my mailboxes? 

Check out: [1]
but search the list archive for problems with it. I do not use it

Thanks, I will test it out and see if it solves my issue. 




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