dovecot ldap quota

Mirko ML ops at
Tue Oct 28 08:43:51 UTC 2014

Il 28/10/2014 08:41, Steffen Kaiser ha scritto:
Thanks a lot for the answer.

> What value is in the LDAP attribute, with our without the pending 'S'?
The value in LDAP is WITH the pending S, because at the moment we have a
"courier situation" and the quota value need the S.
We want to migrate some domain to dovecot to use sieve, but we cant
change the value in LDAP.

> says:
> "All of these support also b/k/M/G/T/% suffixes." (No "S" here.) and:
> "Backend-specific configuration currently is used only with Maildir++
> quota backend. It means you can have the quota in Maildir++ format (e.g.
> "10000000S")." Which I interprete as: If the quote is read from Maildir
> storage.
Probably you are right, but why root quota are correct?
(without S at the end)
If I change the value in LDAP the root quota follow this change

> You read the quota from LDAP, hence, the 2nd statement does not apply.
> If you have a "S" suffix in LDAP, remove it.
see above :)

> You could patch Dovecot to accept the "S" suffix like "B", see
> src/plugins/quota/quota-util.c in function quota_limit_parse().
This could be a good idea.

> Maybe, ask the Dovecot development team for an enhancement.
This is a better idea, that can help migration from courier


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