Pigeonhole 0.4.4 error with no sieve rules

Stephan Bosch stephan at rename-it.nl
Tue Oct 28 13:31:12 UTC 2014

James schreef op 28-10-2014 12:48:
> I have built and installed Pigeonhole 0.4.4 with Dovecot 2.2.15. For 
> users with no sieve at all I am getting an error on delivery. Delivery 
> is from exim via lmtp.
> Syslog:
> Oct 28 11:03:50 mailhost dovecot: [ID 583609 mail.crit] lmtp(18915): 
> Fatal: master: service(lmtp): child 18915 killed with signal 11 (core 
> not dumped - set service lmtp { drop_priv_before_exec=yes })
> There is no global sieve script because there is no global sieve rule.
> Where an account has sieve rules delivery works as expected.
> To make it work again I've gone back to 2.2.15 with 0.4.3.

Hmm, I cannot reproduce this here.

Do you have `dovecot -n` output for me?

LMTP logs with mail_debug=yes would be good too.



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